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Frontier Mobile Screener
Keestrack Frontier Mobile Screener

Novum Mobile Screener
Keestrack Novum Mobile Screener

Combo Mobile Screener
Keestrack Combo Mobile Screener

Explorer Mobile Screener
Keestrack Explorer Mobile Screener

Destroyer 1312 Mobile Crusher
Keestrack Destroyer 1312 Mobile Crusher

Destroyer 1112 Mobile Crusher
Keestrack Destroyer 1112 Mobile Crusher




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Keestrack was established in 1988 to manufacture mobile aggregate equipment.   The transformation of the company into a shareholders company was in 1994 a giant leap to the development of the production.  After years of studying, in 1996 the first machine was completed.
  The first model, Keestrack 45/18-1 was specially designed for the recycling and quarrying industry to screen all kinds of stones, rubble, topspoil or clay. This machine was being produced, assembled and tested with the utmost care, and designed in full accordance with EC standards.  

PRODUCTION - The production of this screening machine started soon after the prototype proved to be very succesful.  Coming from a level of a field engineer and a few laborers, the current number of employers exceeds over 50. Due to the success of the machine in the world of mobile screeners, production expanded by 200% within 4 years. In 2002 a smaller version of the original machine was introduced.  The Novum 3615 was the awaited answer to the market's gap in the world of mobile screeners.  Pre-orders of the machine has already made this new development a success.  

DISTRIBUTION  - Starting in Belgium, it was obvious that the local market was just to small for proper expansion.  Soon machines were operating in Holland and France.  Eventually, the introduce of a planned marketing strategy opened new opportunities.  Due to this strategic and balanced marketing plan, today you can find Keestrack machines also in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switserland, Austria, USA, Tahiti, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Bolivia, and Oman.  New networks will start up soon in the rest of Europe , while the Baltic countries will be marketed in 2003, all part of our goal to have a global network by 2006.

SUPPLIERS - Keestrack company has a policy to use only high quality components to compile their machines.  Therefore, great efforts are being taken over and over again to find reliable and competent suppliers.  This means that the company is doing business with suppliers worldwide, including suppliers from Germany, U.K., Italy, the Benelux countries and the Czech Republic to name a few.  

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT  - Research, as well as development, is of great importance in our policy.  A team of 5 highly qualified engineers are working to constantly improve the specifications of the machines and designing new models.  Although our standard machines are designed for optimal use by our customers, extra attention and efforts are being given to meet the customer's wishes regarding the modifications or applications they require.

WAREHOUSE & SERVICE  - In order to maintain a good production line, the company stocks a large quantity of spare parts.  From the smallest bolts to the largest belts, every part is included in a system to enable a smooth production. Due to a balanced warehouse system, the company can give fast and excellent service to customers.  Skilled technicians operate within a very short time to change parts of the machines located anywhere in the world. The machines have measures that will cause no problems on the road, transport is no longer an obstacle to travel to distant locations; for instance the jungle of Bolivia!

Production, Distribution, Suppliers, Research/Development and Warehouse/Service are the five fingers of the hand of the Keestrack Company - a hand that reaches out to anybody wanting to do business on a quality level, based on a fair trade! The success of Keestrack Company proves that this hand has been shaken by many, to the satisfaction of all involved.  

Let's shake hands! 

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Product separation is a critical step in the screening business. It is important that the screening plant is designed to be as effective as possible. The Wildcat Trommel Screen has been designed by operators for operators. With four sizes available starting at 50 cubic yards per hour and up Wildcat offers screens with production capacities that are unmatched by anyone in the industry. With an extensive list of options Wildcat Trommels can be manufactured to fit any specific need.

Several exclusive features make the Wildcat stand out in the screening industry, they are as follows:

  • Drum access-- panels remove to allow access to trommel drum.
  • Brushes-- adjust from ground level.
  • Oversized product conveyor-- lays flat for use as picking belt.
  • Largest and lowest feed hopper on the market-- up to 7 cubic yards.
  • Radial screened product conveyor-- swings 200 degrees to acheive the largest stockpiling capability in the industry.
  • Drum and feed conveyor-- are reversible.
  • Attached conveyors capable of loading trucks-- the unit sets up in less than 15 minutes.
  • Screen bulky material-- with the large throat opening
  • Optional roll tarp-- keeps dust to a minimum.
  • Optional stainless steel construction-- for acidic materials.
  • Hydraulically operated - most functions are variable allowing the machine to be tailed to suit the material.

Low hopper loading-- no ramps are required, even with Wildcat's largest unit allowing the unit to be easily relocated.

The engine is mounted high away from dust to help keep the radiator clear. All bearings are sealed and the drum is chain driven from the rear creating a combination that is quiet and very low maintenance. When the Wildcat needs servicing, all major components are easily accessible.

1994 ReTech 723A Trommel Screen For Sale

2005 NORDBERG CV100 METSO Mobile Screener FOR SALE

Peterson 6700B Grinder




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510 Cougar Trommel Screen
Wildcat 510 Cougar Trommel Screen

516 Cougar Trommel Screen
Wildcat 516 Cougar Trommel Screen

521 Cougar Trommel Screen
Wildcat 521 Cougar Trommel Screen

626 Cougar Trommel Screen
Wildcat 626 Cougar Trommel Screen

Stationary Screens
Wildcat Stationary Screens

Self Propelled Compost Turner
Wildcat Self Propelled Compost Turner

Towable-Straddle Compost Turner
Wildcat Towable-Straddle Compost Turner

PTO Compost Turner
Wildcat PTO Compost Turning

4 Station Greenwaste Picking Station
Wildcat 4 Station Greenwaste Picking Station